“Nature – enter me”

“Through falling leaves I pick my way slowly Talking aloud – eases my mind… Doo doo doo… Dee dee dee… Nature – enter me…” (Nature [abridged] – lyrics by Wayne Mason, 1969) The iconic kiwi hit 'Nature' which was made famous by Fourmyula in the late 60s, conjures images of New Zealand native bush and the… Continue reading “Nature – enter me”


People and Nature: Of the Same Thread?

From where I am writing this I can hear birds squawking and chirping. A soft breeze brushing past leaves. I can see bright yellow flowers and green palm fronds. A spider web strung between shrubs. I can smell the greenery of the garden and feel the warmth of the spring air on my skin. This… Continue reading People and Nature: Of the Same Thread?