Why You Should Care About the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Studying environmental science at university in the early 2000s, I would often leave class in despair. There was too much wrong, too much environmental degradation, too many negative environmental trends. Unfortunately, the health of earth has progressively worsened since then. Today, I’m easily overwhelmed when I consider the global challenges we all face. Challenges like … More Why You Should Care About the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Strikes: Their Impact

Last week, in the world of climate activism, an estimated 6 million people globally took to the streets (including a whopping 3.5% of New Zealand’s population marching); Greta Thurberg delivered her emotionally charged ‘How Dare You?’ speech to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit in New York; and 16 teenage activists filed a law suit against Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey for contravening the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by not sufficiently reducing their carbon emissions. … More Climate Strikes: Their Impact

Water Stories

Today I am thankful for water. For clean drinking water. For flushing toilets. For beaches and waterways which are safe to swim in. Last week I was staying with family in Sydney, where current kitchen renovations mean there is no operational stove, oven or kitchen sink. While cooking dinner, we mused about the minor inconvenience of having to wash dishes in the bathroom instead of conveniently in the kitchen. … More Water Stories