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One Day

One day I hope that children won't have to work so their families can survive, That they won't have to work in factories or scavenge plastic bottles or find crabs to sell.

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Things the Rainy Season Brings

The rainy season has arrived in Ranong and with it, many creatures who seem to have invaded my life. The changing seasons remind us of natures presence in our lives, its power and vulnerability.

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The Ethical Carnivore

I briefly met Louise Gray, author of The Ethical Carnivore a couple of years ago at a friend’s birthday dinner at her Bruntsfield flat in Edinburgh. It was a 'potluck' style affair, where everyone brings something to share. I remember tasting one of Louise's yummy venison sausages, while being told that she shot the deer,… Continue reading The Ethical Carnivore


Sustainability: an Exquisite Fabric

Sustainability is a concept I often mention to people I meet, often producing blank faces or a response like “What’s that?... Like environmental stuff?… So, are you a greenie/tree-hugger/environmental loon/hippie…?” Well for starters, I wouldn’t call myself any of those things, although I’ll admit I do have ‘greenish’ tendencies and I can be a loon… Continue reading Sustainability: an Exquisite Fabric