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World Environment Day: What Will You Do?

This World Environment Day, What will you do? Will you join others around the world And do your bit? This World Environment Day, What will you pledge? To combat plastic pollution, And replace straws, bottles and cups with a reusable option? This World Environment Day, What will you plant? A tree for fresh air? Or… Continue reading World Environment Day: What Will You Do?

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There’s a Fraction too Much Plastic

There’s a fraction too much plastic. Understatement of the year. Given plastic pollution’s current cult status, I’m getting on the bandwagon too. Through plastic’s convenience, especially in packaging and transporting food and other consumer items, it has charmed it’s way into becoming an integral part of daily life throughout the world. However, we often only… Continue reading There’s a Fraction too Much Plastic

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Questioning Sustainable Living

When I moved to Thailand six months ago, my lifestyle changed dramatically: a different culture, food, language and climate. Prior to this, I'd been trying to live more sustainably: consciously endeavouring to live a less impactful life through my decisions. My idea of sustainable living was swiftly challenged in moving to Thailand, where language and… Continue reading Questioning Sustainable Living

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Things the Rainy Season Brings

The rainy season has arrived in Ranong and with it, many creatures who seem to have invaded my life. The changing seasons remind us of natures presence in our lives, its power and vulnerability.

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Things I’ve done to reduce my plastic footprint

Back in January, I wrote about how much plastic waste I am generating while living in Thailand in 31 Days of Plastic and then I explored ways I could reduce this in Towards Plastic Free. As I discussed, escaping using plastic is quite a challenge here in Thailand, more so than if I was living… Continue reading Things I’ve done to reduce my plastic footprint

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Myanmar’s Development Journey

After travelling to Myanmar last month I reflect on what it will mean for Myanmar to develop. Will it be necessary to compromise nature and people for the sake of development?

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The Story Behind Cashew Nuts

While travelling in Thailand and Myanmar I discovered how cashew nuts are grown and processed.

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Is it Ethical to Travel to Myanmar?

After my recent trip to Southern Myanmar, I discuss the ethics of travelling to country with current conflict.