40 Days A Vegan

Vegan. The sound of this word can make even the most tolerant people recoil. Vegan. People who don’t eat (or use) any animal products. Vegan. No meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs, no honey. To the standard omnivore, that might seem like a lot to not eat. The meat and dairy industries have huge … More 40 Days A Vegan

Being The Other: A White Kiwi’s Experience

As a Farang in Thailand, I definitely felt like
‘the other’. Being blonde and fair skinned, people often stared at me in the
street; they talked about me on the bus (“…… Farang…… …… Farang…..”);
they rudely pushed in front of me at checkout lines at 7-Eleven; I often had to pay higher prices than locals or was sometimes not served at food outlets (I attributed this predominantly to shyness or embarrassment at not being able speak English – even though I could speak enough Thai to order food). … More Being The Other: A White Kiwi’s Experience

Four Years on from Paris: Why I’m Attending Tomorrow’s School Strike for Climate

It’s easy to get depressed or feel useless about the continuing climate devastation. But tomorrow’s school climate strikes, which have spiraled from teenager Greta Thunberg’s solo #FridaysForFuture strikes outside the Swedish parliament into a worldwide movement, inspire me. Like the pace of carbon emissions themselves, climate change action is rapidly evolving into a mainstream movement with those who will be impacted most, the youth of today, taking the lead. … More Four Years on from Paris: Why I’m Attending Tomorrow’s School Strike for Climate

Children Who Work

Globally, there are around 168 million children (or 11% of all children) who work, with over half of these engaged in work which is harmful to their health and well-being. Many (68%) of these children are working unpaid, assisting family with care-giving, household tasks or helping in family businesses. … More Children Who Work