…Like the innumerable grains of sand that are gradually swept into a wondrous dune…

“Courage” by Aleisha Keating

I wrote a poem called Courage a year or so ago. About a month ago, I resurrected it, thinking that it may be relevant to us during this time of challenge, so submitted it to Tui Motu magazine for publishing.

We all need courage. Courage to thrive in darkness. Courage to reach out to those experiencing loneliness or suffering. Courage to slow down and tend to ourselves for a while. Courage to look for opportunity in crisis. Courage to adapt. Courage to view life differently.

Live courageously (Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash)

3 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Hi Aleisha This email arrived at exactly the right time and I have taken the liberty of posting it on the CurvesAshburtonNZ Facebook page. Take a look! How are you? Where are you? What are you doing? Trying times, so your words did it for me as they will do to my members. I enjoy reading your blogs, they give me a perspective that prompts me to think outside of my usual bubble, thank you for that Best wishes Viv



  2. Hello Aleisha! This is so calming and enabling. Without asking, I have posted it on the CurvesAshburtonNZ Facebook page Hope you are managing this viral dilemma. Myself, I have COVID brain which allows some clarity but also a great deal of fog. Hanging out to see Denbigh et al but not quite yet. Stay safe Viv



    1. Hi Viv! Thanks, I’m glad you liked this. Glad to hear you are ok albeit a little foggy. I’m hoping you can see Denbigh et al soon. You’ll be missing them! Thanks for the share on your Facebook page.
      Take care


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