Kia ora, hello and welcome to An Ethical Yarn, a blog which explores ideas for re-fashioning the fabric of society. In Australian and New Zealand slang, a yarn is an informal chat. While my British friends may view a yarn as a story which is untrue or embellished, here I’d like to unpick some ethical dilemmas in a frank and conversational way. Yarn is also a thread used for crafting – knitting, weaving, sewing, crochet, etc., which links to my love of craft and creating beautiful things. When knitting or weaving, many individual strands of yarn come together to form one piece of fabric, which is similar to society which consists of a multitude of different cultures, organisations, lifestyles, priorities, individuals and groups.

‘An Ethical Yarn’ is a platform for exploring ideas for refashioning the fabric of society, particularly interconnected social and environmental issues that we face today. I am particularly concerned about the well-being of people and the natural environment and the relationships between the two. I believe we have a moral responsibility to address sustainability issues. I would like to use this blog as a way to share some of the things I’ve learnt through professional, academic and life experiences with others and hopefully spark some conversation around these ideas. Please feel free to contribute your diversity of perspectives on this page while respecting others may not feel the same way. If you have any suggestions or topics you’d like me to write about – please suggest away!